002: Turmeric, Magnolia, Yarrow Oils and the Dream Kit

October 01, 2018 00:37:51
002: Turmeric, Magnolia, Yarrow Oils and the Dream Kit
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002: Turmeric, Magnolia, Yarrow Oils and the Dream Kit

Oct 01 2018 | 00:37:51


Show Notes

Please join us as the discuss the benefits of the oils and new blends within the doTERRA Dream Kit!

Oils include: Yarrow/POM, Turmeric, Magnolia, Green Mandarin, and even the new mouthwash and Kids Collection!


Get yours starting October 2nd!

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Show notes:

Intro:                            00:07                Hey, what’s going on everybody? It’s frank and Jackie Ritz and we are here with essential oil healthcare, radio and today we are unbelievably excited because we have the chance to be able to virtually introduce the dream kit, the kit that was released at the doTERRA convention just this past week. It’s set for a release date of October 2nd, and we’re going to go over all the goodies that are inside of it right now on this podcast.

Jackie:                          00:34                So you can get this kit on October second. It’s only $230, I believe retail, it goes out to like 363. So this is an amazing deal in Doterra language that’s 200 pv. And what I’m really excited about is that when you couple this dream kit purchase with the current October 2018 promotion, you have an incredible deal. So as you guys know, the promotion this month is when you spend 200 Pv, which is around $200, can be more, um, if you’re buying non oils like skincare or things like that, but when you couple it, so you’re going to get a five milliliter bottle of Kumquat, you’re going to get a five milliliter bottle of Red Mandarin for free and you’re going to get a five milliliter bottle of clementine and then also a free car diffuser. Are you serious? I really am.

Frank:                           01:31                That’s absolutely ridiculous. And I’m not just saying that to sound like a cheesy salesperson, but folks that’s like seriously, like 10.

Jackie:                          01:37                Yeah. So I didn’t do the math. Maybe somebody can do the math and put it all together. How much we’re actually saving here because all of those oils, those three orders will be free and the car diffuser. So super excited. Also if you put it on your Lrp k, lrp means loyalty rewards program. It’s our frequent flyer program in Doterra, kind of like a frequent flyer program. So the more you spend, the more you save pretty much. And so when you couple it with that and you place your order before October 15th, you’re also gonna get a free 15 milliliter bottle of lemon. Yeah. So we love lemon around here, especially frank. He uses it a lot for his digestive support

Frank:                           02:21                and I also use it a lot for when I have those wonderful seasonal distress symptoms because it totally helps out with that as well. But it’s also really what’s cool about lemon is that it makes a phenomenal adhesive remover. If you’ve ever gotten gum caught in your kid’s hair and I’m not necessarily saying that I may have Hashtag may have happened then I would say that Lemon has been an absolute life saver. It’s way different than that old school way of like what my mom used to do when it got caught in my hair and like grabbed that ice cube and tried to freeze it out. And then ultimately ended up cutting my hair and it looked like I got my hair cut by Edward Scissorhands anyway.

Jackie:                          02:56                And if you’re super frugal and cheap like me and you like to reuse your roller bottles, you’re touched bottles from Doterra, lemon helps take the label off really well so that you can put a little label on there and make it whatever you want. So let’s go ahead and get started. So I’m going to go through what’s in the dream kit. Frank’s going to talk a little bit. So the way that we really play off each other is I give you the really small elementary description of how to use the

Frank:                           03:25                oils yourself. Better credit than that. That’s not true.

Jackie:                          03:28                Okay. Um,

Frank:                           03:29                she is really fantastic and giving you the very personalized and practical ways of approaching using the word. Whereas I’m a bit of a science geek and I guess that I liked the leaning toward, you know, sort of like the wire, these therapeutic, what are the different constituents in them and how do they play inside of your body, which, which some of our listeners may appreciate and they may actually want to listen to that on this type of call. So we’re trying to cover everything guys, trying to make sure that you got both the ease of use as well as the scientific rationale behind every single one of these products that has ever delivered.

Jackie:                          04:00                So I think one of the biggest new releases is the kid’s line. This has been in the making. I know for awhile. I don’t know, but you know, that’s what they said. But it is incredible. I love this new line. It’s only 95 pv. It comes with six blends designed for kids and it comes with little carabiners on it, which are so cute. I wish I could show you guys all the little colors of the rainbow here. It also comes with a little bag that your kids can put inside their, um, their book bag or attached to the outside of their book bag. But my favorite thing is, is it has these cool little cards like flashcards that are written to the caregiver or to the kids so they can learn how to use the oils that need they need to use. So I am so excited and I love that it’s kid approved. Our kids love it, right frank?

Frank:                           04:57                Absolutely. What they love the most is that they can break it down. It’s a pairing of oils or should say oil blends, right? Because there’s the essential oils that make up singles, if you will. So like if I buy a car, you know, if I get up a bottle of lemon for instance, it’s just lemon, but then doterra has a proprietary blends which are named something different, but it might have anywhere between three different oils up to like 10 different or something like that. So anyway, what I love about this kit is that the kids can also. There’s a sort of a picture mneumonic, so they can say like, well, you know, they can focus now on the brain, the heart and the body. And the way that those are actually paired up is if the child or the Kiddo needs a particular type of attention, then this will allow them to say, I feel like I need more focus. What blend should I grab? Four. Oh, one of these two that have the brain on them, for instance.

Jackie:                          05:49                Yeah. So in each of these three categories, mind, body, heart, there’s two oils into roller bottles that fit into those. So for, for instance, the mind one, our kids picked up really, really quickly that the mind one has a little brain on it. And so, um, they can look at their little brain. It’s on the little carabiners and silicone attaches to the roller bottle. Now you might want to, here’s a little tip, if you’d used the carabiners and you attach them to your kid’s backpack, I would add a drop of gorilla glue into the carabiner so that it actually doesn’t slide out. So there’s been some times where they, they have slid out on my kids and so we just kind of gorilla glued it together and it works really good like that. Um, so in the mind category, there’s two blends, thinker and calmer.

Jackie:                          06:38                Now thinker is our kids new version of the focus blend. This has a blend of vet over and peppermint and Clementine also rosemary, which we know scientific studies have been done where, you know, those who diffused rosemary, they have better levels of concentration during test taking time. So this is a incredible blend that’s going to really encourage creativity. Um, it’s gonna really encourage focus, help to limit those distractions. And so I’m really excited about thinker. We’ve been using it. Oh, I just love it. I wish I, I wish I could give it to you guys right now to smell smell of vision, huh? Right. Smell a podcast, right? Yeah. Smell a cast. Smell a cast,

Frank:                           07:25                itunes. If you’re listening, you might want to be looking into that. There could be gold there. The next one

Jackie:                          07:31                mind category is a purple roller bottle and it’s called calmer. Now, this is our new kids restful blend. You want to put this on your kids before bedtime or during stressful situations. Um, you know, like when you’re going to target and the kid next to you, start screaming bloody murder. Take a little bit of you’re calmer and offer it to the mom to use. Also, this one has lavender in it, it has buddha would and Roman cameo and all things calming that are really going to be great for overwhelmed little minds. Um, I love this smell. A little lavender boy frankie. He absolutely loves calmer. Um, you definitely can smell the lavender in it, but it’s just an amazing blend with those other oils as well. Do you want to talk about body?

Frank:                           08:20                Absolutely. So I will do my best to not make any jokes. I try to be the practical guy. No, I’m trying to be practical so I’m gonna step out of my little scientific round and if you don’t mind, but really the first one is stronger and stronger. Has A. Every one of these, by the way, has a basis of fractionated coconut oil. We didn’t necessarily say that’s perfectly diluted for kids, so nothing to worry about that. But this one has litsea, Boswellia Carter III, which is technically frankincense essential oil. And then it has some rows. And so yeah, so it’s a really, it’s a, uh, I, I, the literacy with the rose just I love citrus and florals together. But the purpose of stronger blend is it is to help boost your immune system. So we love to let the kids go to school with the understanding of if maybe a Kiddo looks like you know, that they really shouldn’t have been put in school for that day or should be around that day. Then it’s okay that our kids can be a little bit more protected. They also can apply it before the event.

Jackie:                          09:24                Podcast listeners do that. Do that. No, not at all. And their kids to school when they’re not feeling so hot,

Frank:                           09:28                I, I wouldn’t even be able to speak to that. I can neither confirm nor deny that. And so, uh, and so I would say that there might be other folks out there that night, but then anyway, stronger is really great to be able to boost that immune system when you need it for while you’re on the go. And then the other one is rescue at, right? Is it this one? Let me see if it does this one. Look at that. Blue would be good for rescuing. And that’s the top color that it is. It’s blue.. And this one has like really good regenerative property, so it’s fantastic for a topical use because the experiment and Copaiba it and lavender and that’s really great for the skin and so it’s really nice to be able to help the skin repair itself if it’s a, if it’s got a little scratch or some sort of like a minor skin irritation or something. Yeah. That

Jackie:                          10:09                on it. And these two blends have the little body on your roller bottles. Your kids will find those really fun. Um, the next category is the heart. So imagine if we teach kids just to be cognitive of their emotions, like what could happen around the world if we start teaching our kids that, just to know how and why they’re feeling and what to use to nurture and to care for their emotions. Just, I just want to imagine if tomorrow’s leaders were raising their kids in this way. And so we have the opportunity to do that with steady and brave. I’m steady is the kids grounding blend. This has balsam fir, coriander, Magnolia. This is the, this is what you’re going to use for all things. Balancing, so I’m just over the base of their neck, we like to apply it on the bottoms of their feet, on the little cards that come with this kit.

Jackie:                          11:05                It actually tells your kids or their caregiver where it’s best to apply these oils. I love that. Um, and so steady is, and you know, it’s kind of like the kids balanced. And so I’m really excited to share more about study with you guys in the weeks coming up because I love this blend. So much. Up next is brave. I think this is frankie’s favorite blend wasn’t it was between that and the calmer and the calming ones. So this is the courage blend, um, when your kids are lacking confidence or courage or, you know, Arianna used it the other day when she had to have a speech and she talked in front of people. She used courage, she applied it onto, um, if I remember right, she put it on her tummy and the bottoms of her feet for a boost of courage before, you know, she was going out to speak in front of people. So I love this kit. I’m so excited just to equip our younger generation with the tools that they need just to nurture and care for their bodies. And so, like I said, 6:10 milliliter roto roller bottles. If you retail it out, it’s over 100, $26 wholesale. It’ll be 95 and you’re going to get this. I mean, this is like half of the dream kit, the cost. Um, so what an amazing deal.

Frank:                           12:23                Totally. So let’s move on to here. We’re going to just keep doing the oils. Let’s talk about. Let’s talk about all the oils. Okay. Magnolia, Magnolia, go ahead.

Jackie:                          12:31                Uh, I don’t know if I can really talk about.

Frank:                           12:35                Can I explain something? Can I explain something that I love about late summer, late summer is when all the magnolia blossoms really love to come out and it’s a love hate relationship because they’re so beautiful and gorgeous, but yet they absolutely wreak havoc on a lot of people just because they’re so fragrant that it’s unbelievable. But, um, I really love it in an essential oil because now I can get the benefits of that Magnolia without having to go literally hanging out next to the tree anymore.

Jackie:                          13:05                So our magnolia comes from China. I’m 52 percent of China’s agricultural and this smell is, it’s just exquisite. It smells so good. Um, it’s a great addition to some of the other flower oils that we have now in China. The, um, the blossoms and the. I’m sorry, the tree of the magnolia grows really tall and so now they’re pruning the trees to six feet tall, which I thought was cool because we kind of do that with our apple trees so that we don’t have to climb up a ladder and pick them, but it’s easier to get the flowers out of the trees. And so, um, that’s what they’ve started doing in China where they’re sourcing this oil from 5,000 blossoms to produce 15 milliliters of essential oil. Um, and so this is a 10 milliliter touch. So it is diluted with fractionated coconut oil. It is a very, very strong and powerful floral smell.

Jackie:                          14:01                Um, but some of the properties of Magnolia, I’ll speak to the emotional usages and then frank will kind of speak to the physical usages, but emotionally this is very opening. It’s very, um, it instills confidence and us, um, if you were on my instagram the other day, you saw that it also is supposedly boost feminine energy, which I could use some help with that. It also just reminds us of our life purpose. And so, um, it comes in a roller bottle so you can apply it onto the bottom of your feet. Um, you can put it on your wrist. I love putting anything for emotional purposes. I like to put them in the crease of my arm, so not on my elbow, but on the crease on. That’s a really great place to put things if you are using them for the emotional,

Frank:                           14:52                getting into some of the, uh, some of the constituent properties stuff about Magnolia. Interestingly, it actually has about double of the amount of Linalool law. So Linda, law L I n a l o l is a constituent that is responsible for relaxation in the body. How cool is that? Right? So knowing that little wall is going to be in your magnolia guys can probably use as confidently as well if they feel like they need some support to relax. Uh, so as really great for skin health as most floral oils are, I can’t imagine that there isn’t any type of an essential oil that really couldn’t help out. Also with, you know, the GI system, it also boosts the immune system and it has the relaxation to, like we just talked about. So it really helps with sleep. So that plus serenity blend or even just regular at lavender would be able to be used to make sure that you’re getting nice restroom.

Jackie:                          15:47                Mostly it’s very similar to helichryisum and Melissa. So I kind of call, I’m going to call it like the cheap man’s, um, Melissa and helichryisum. So if you think of what you would use those two oils, which are very expensive for you can now get magnolia touch for a fraction of the price. Twenty $8 wholesale, $37 retail. Um, so next we’ve got one of my favorite new products. Mine too. I’m going to fight you over. You haven’t used it yet? I’m a closet closet user so it’s the hydrating body messed with the beautiful blend. How did you use it?

Frank:                           16:26                I just squirted in my interruptions where I want it to put it on my forearms. Maybe I ran on my forehead. I don’t know.

Jackie:                          16:33                I mean it’s not too feminine smelling so you can use it if you are a man listening to this, but it’s a very lightweight body mist. So I am not a huge fan of putting lotion on my body because I sweat so much and so when I sweat it feels like I have a layer of just gunk on my body and so I love this missed because I actually can use it and even if I am hot or it’s humid and I am sweating, it doesn’t cause that icky layer of gunk. This you can use three 60 and so like you can use it upside down, you can use it sideways but it has a three 60. I don’t even know what it’s called. Revolving spray or whatever, which is awesome. So like if you’re trying to spray the back of you, like your back thighs or something, you can get to it without spraying on your hand and then rubbing it. But anyways, it has the oils that are in the beautiful blend, which let’s just admit that’s pretty much the most fantastic blend ever. Smell pretty good. It’s awesome with a base of coconut oil, a sunflower seed passion, fruit seed oil, and then the oils that are in the beautiful blend. So I love this. This is an amazing new product. Twenty $5 wholesale, $33 and thirty three cents retail. It’s going to do an awesome job at just keeping you hydrated this winter.

Frank:                           17:56                All right, so let’s move on to pink pepper. So pink pepper is a, it’s now a. You can get it all the time type of oil. It was one of those ones that was a very limited release was the mother’s Day promotion. So, uh, did not know this about pink pepper, but pink pepper. Just bottom line up front because that’s all I’d love to talk is that it is phenomenal to consider with another. It’s kind of a blend slash soft gel that a doterra offers, it is known as DDR prime and the two of them together are phenomenal for literally servicing every cell of your body will keep that for another podcast where we’ll talk about all of the benefits of DDR prime, but let’s just face that, adding the two of those together. I am unbelievably excited about being able to put this into my whoa.

Frank:                           18:43                My regular, my health and wellness journey. It’s pretty amazing. Some of the chemistry of it is really great for cellular rejuvenation. There’s a, pinene. It’s an Alpha pinene to be completely specific. It’s also as limonene in it, which is pretty interesting because mostly when you think of lemonade, you would think of a citrus oil, but it’s kind of cool that there’s also definitely limonene and this, it’s great for cleansing. It’s very uplifting. Uh, what is so amazing about pink pepper is that it can help the body recognize the need for regeneration. And so our bodies are automatically tune their program in a way to be able to recognize when things need an update, if you will, or a reboot and what pink pepper is really good for doing is helping the body recognize that. And so it is a fantastic for that. It’s fantastic for a, you know, like nerve support.

Frank:                           19:39                It’s really, really good for that. And it also, like I said before, it boosts the immune system so you are really great at adding pink pepper to aroma touch, which is another blend and it’s wonderful to put on a spot that you need some special attention with and they work fantastic together. So I am extremely excited about adding pink pepper personally to my daily regiment of oils and other things that we deal. But I don’t know if I could speak enough about pink pepper. We might even have to just do a whole podcast for itself. So let’s just move on for the sake of time, we’re going to keep this thing moving along. The next thing we want to talk about is the yarrow.

Jackie:                          20:17                Um, this is probably my favorite new one. Um, I, I will say that a lot though, but I know I really, really love this one and I love the addition of the pomegranate seed oil because it is extremely hydrating and nourishing to your skin. So this I know has been like a three year project for the sourcing team just to really find the right small scale farmers that they want to work with. Um, what I love about yarrow, like it was used by Achilles to rub onto his body and to protect him from, you know, different things that he came into contact with way, way long time ago. Now in the dream kit, yarrow is going to come in a 15 milliliter bottle that is only in the dream kit. Now when it becomes available, I believe yarrow is available December first. It’s one of the ones that we’re going like have to wait on it.

Jackie:                          21:13                It’s available in a 30 milliliter bottle with a dropper and it will be $95 wholesale. So you can see that just by purchasing the dream kit, you’re like getting an incredible deal. And this is a super blue oil light blue tansy. Um, it’s just really high in antioxidants and it’s just a reaction that happens that makes it blue. However, it doesn’t stain my skin, so blue tansy does a little bit, but the yarrow isn’t in the way that I’m using it as I’m washing my face as normal and with my moisturizer and I use the, um, the, the immortelle serum with that, the broad serum. So I add two drops in with one pump of serum and at night and a morning I’m putting it on my face and my skin is so soft. Feel out honey. What’s that? Feel like a baby’s bottom? Yeah. So, um, this is a great oil emotionally. It’s going to do some of the same things emotionally that it does physically. So it’s purging, it’s cleansing, it’s relieving, it’s protecting, it’s mending. I love the next little thing is that it protects you from negative people and their energy.

Frank:                           22:27                I did more of that negative energy because, okay, we, we, we do a pretty good job. The yard was just going to continue to compliment that.

Jackie:                          22:33                So other than putting it on your face and protecting yourself from negative people, how else are you going to use yarrow? How am I going to use your own?

Frank:                           22:42                You covered it pretty well. It’s actually Yarrow plus the pomegranate seed oil. So it’s a really cool blend. It’s actually, they call it a nutritive blend. But what’s amazing about putting the two together as I did not know this, is that Beta one is the large constituent in the yarrow. Right? And so it’s pretty amazing what Beta studies have started to do. You know, Doterra is an essential oil company, but it really is a science based essential oil company. And so they’re doing a lot of studies right now to see the effects of Beta caryophellene inside of the human body. So they’re doing testing with it. Beta caryophellene acts a lot like an endocannabinoid. Yes. I said the word cannabinoid cannabinoid, that is also a southern called tetra hydro Cannibal, which is the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana. And what I would say that for us, because we don’t want that psychoactive effect if we’re trying to balance ourselves and they’re very, you know, well, plant based way, right?

Frank:                           23:43                So why don’t look at other endocannabinoids while there is easily over 100 different endocannabinoids. One of the other ones that’s gaining massive popularity is cannabidiol, which is cbd. Well, for people who want to stay on the essential oil realm, uh, staying with something like Beta caryophellene ,it acts like an endo cannabinoid and it enacts the same endocannabinoid system as the other two previous cannabinoids that I just talked to you about. So why I say all that, it’s good to know that it actually has a positive benefit on cannabinoid receptors in the body, but that are outside of the central nervous system. They actually work on the peripheral nervous system and that’s really good for having healthy inflammatory response. Being able to focus on areas of discomfort, things like that are what we’re finding out more and more that the endocannabinoid system in fact helps us with the digestive system is another one that is really big for that.

Frank:                           24:37                So what it does is it only BCP or Beta or Beta care of filing, and you’re going to hear it either way, it only acts with CB two receptors, which are those ones that are found outside of the central nervous system. So it’s able to have a lot of really great effects outside in the periphery of our bodies and when we mix it with the yard or excuse me, mix it with the pom. Um, what we’re doing is we’re actually adding something called germacrene, Creme de, and then another constituent called chamauzulene Well, both of those are higher end what I didn’t even realize, but both of those are actually higher in their particular constituents. And the putting the two of them together is really amazing. To be able to have that increased bio availability of the ACA. Rhonda acid, that is a amino acid precursor, it releases prostoglandins. It’s another cascade of things that we want to make sure that we have the healthy release of those and we want to make sure that that actually stays the way it’s supposed to. So the two of them together think increased bioavailability, increased antioxidants, really a nice powerful compliment of the both of those oils together.

Jackie:                          25:54                Um, and like I said, it comes in a little dropper, so this is going to be beneficial if you’re going to use it internally. So as frank mentioned, you know those ways as well as some of my favorite ways to use it is that it purchase toxins and so if you’re detoxing or you’re going to go through a cleanse, this is going to be an amazing addition to it, as well as taking it under your tongue for regulating your blood vessels, tone and maintaining good blood pressure. That’s another really great way to use this oil. It is a blood tonic, so it’s just going to be overall, this is a game changer. I just think this is like going to be the Swiss army knife of the oil world. What do you think?

Frank:                           26:36                I absolutely agree. I think that you probably couldn’t have said it any better now. That’s

Jackie:                          26:40                why I like to dummy it down a little bit. For those who are,

Frank:                           26:43                for those that are listening to your husband that’s here. So let’s. So let’s move on. Let’s move on to Green Mandarin. What do we have to say about Green Mandarin?

Jackie:                          26:52                Things about Green Mandarin? Is that it actually is read Mandarin. That is not actually, um, what do you call it when it’s the Washer, but no, what’s the, what’s the gardening term?

Jackie:                          27:06                I guess so. Wow. Really? Yeah, I know. Have terrible. That’s okay. We all have our notes up blogs, but right. I get it

Jackie:                          27:17                when they are growing the mandarin, the red mandarin trees, they in order to let them grow appropriately and we kind of know this a little bit. We’re tapping into the fruit tree world. We can’t grow citrus here, but you know, the first couple of years you have to let so much of the fruit fall to the ground and not right Ben just to actually encourage deep root growth and just a healthy overall tree. So like 60 to 70 percent of these mandarins are falling to the ground unripened green, but there is a great use for them and so they are now able to use these, you know, unripened red Mandarin fruit, you know, in order for us to use this oil in so many different ways. Okay, go.

Frank:                           28:02                So Gamma Terpene, right? So what it is that works a synergistic late to actually decrease neuronal excitability. Wow. Really? So what does that exactly mean? Okay, so here’s what it means. It tells nerves to calm down. Okay. It brings an overall calming to our nervous system and also surprisingly helps to regulate the acetylcholine a that is released, uh, between our neurons. And acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter, is what it is. And uh, and being able to appropriate that, we want to bring everything back to that happy medium. And so it’s really nice to be able to have that appropriate response of Acetylcholine in order to be able to really ensure that the neurons don’t stay over excited. Because when they did, we, we, we may have issues that discomfort. Yeah, there might be like that going on. So I’m also, what’s really cool is that there’s lyman and lyman is really great for the respiratory system and helps clarify the respiratory system. So, uh, overall I know that I can really just help to improve mood and it can really help create this nice ambiance we recommend putting it with some lime, which I can’t imagine not using lime. It’s such a wonderful smell. And then even adding a little eucalyptus to help get even more respiratory benefit.

Jackie:                          29:18                Yeah. So the next one is let’s, let’s skip off the oils for a little bit and you don’t want to talk about tumor economic talk about balance.

Frank:                           29:26                Let’s make tumeric real simple. Tumeric is now available as a single oil and folks, if you’re not using tumeric, just google tumeric right now while you’re doing this podcast, and let all of those folks that had been writing about tumeric be your guy. There is great deal of benefit to Tumeric. What we love about the fact that it’s now available as an essential oil is that now we can add it to a bunch of things and maybe not deal with that super dry powder. That’s difficult to either mix it in a smoothie or whatever. This was really nice to add to a smoothie, soups, anything like that. Tumeric, you guys understand the benefits if you don’t google it and you’re going to love tumeric.

Jackie:                          30:03                And since we are talking about Tumeric, um, before we move onto the deodorant, which I can’t wait to talk about, make a golden milk with this. So take about a cup of your desired milk. You know, we have goats, so we have goat milk, warm it up and then warming up to where it’s not boiling and you’re going to scorch the bottom of your pan. That always sucks. Trying to get burned milk off of your pant, but just warming up enough to where it’s, you know, a little bit hot and soothing. And then put it in your blender. Add a drop of tumor EC at a drop of ginger at a drop of cinnamon. Add a scoop of Collagen peptides. Okay? I’m not going to get off on the whole spiel about that, but collagen peptides, it’s a, it’s a protein booster. Okay. That has no flavor to it. So it doesn’t taste like, you know, broth or gelatin. So you’re going to get the incredible benefits of having protein added into your golden milk, froth it up with some honey or maple syrup or a Stevia, whatever sweetener of your choice. And Sip on that at night when you’re wanting something, you know, some kind of craving for chocolate, I have it about every single night. And so we love golden milk. You can use the two mark essential oil to make two more, or you can use the,

Frank:                           31:18                a great idea for a good fall drink. Yeah, what a great idea. I can only think of like, once it finally starts getting a little bit cooler here, unless you lived downward, never gets cool. Um, you got the opportunity to sit by a fire, snuggle up with somebody and really be able to have yourself a nice warm fall drink. Let me finish off with Copaiba, the soft gels. I’ll make this really fast. Guys, soft gels are now available. Uh, it’s recommended as one per day. Once again, think Beta rewind this podcast if you need to. Relisten to what I just talked about, but Beta karate is very present in Copa Eva. The really cool things is number one, makes it super easy if you want to consider an internalizing Copa Iba. Secondly, there is no Carrageenan in this product folks, and they’re really big announcement that doterra made was they’re going to go ahead and strip out the Carrageenan, uh, out of every soft gel. A product that they happen to have that is currently on Doterra is back office, so pretty awesome. And, and I’m super excited about the cup as well. That’s been a game changer for me.

Frank:                           32:21                Okay. Can we talk about deodorant now? Yes, absolutely. I just put some on.

Frank:                           32:27                Absolutely. I would say on the funk scale, I was probably about a six and now we’ve been talking for the last three minutes and the scale is now to at least below a three.

Jackie:                          32:37                Nice. Okay. So I’m going to do a separate podcast on how to actually move over to using a natural deodorant because those of us who have done it, frank recently, just did it right. Honey, it is not easy. There is a learning curve to it and so you can’t just expect magic to happen all at once. So I’m going to do a separate podcast on that, um, in the next couple of weeks so that those of you who have not turned your life over to using natural deodorant, you have some ways to do it. Some steps, okay? First of all, you got to get off of your regular deodorant. There is aluminum in it, not just aluminum at tons of other toxins. You’re putting it on your armpits. Ladies, do you know what’s right there by your armpits, your breast? All right? We don’t want to be putting this stuff and not only that, your limp.

Jackie:                          33:31                So we want to move over to a natural deodorant. So doterra has nailed it with this. Okay? And I’m not lying, I’m not just saying that I have used a ton of natural deodorant and this one works. I have been using it since it came out and since my amazing friend Kelsey mailed it to me all the way from convention. So this is a sense of balance. And so you’re going to be a human diffuser for balance, especially when you work out who it’s going to smell like balance this deodorant has the balanced blend in it as well as Arrow route. And um, let’s see what else? A baking soda. Shea butter, coconut oil, sunflower seed. Whoa. Hubba. So that is the base of it with the balance. Now here’s the other amazing announcement. If you have a baking soda sensitivity or US sensitive skin, they’re actually coming out with the baking soda free one as well as a citrus bliss deodorant. I’m can’t wait

Frank:                           34:34                for that one. Kind of excited about that one, about like, that brings me back to like seventh grade summers where we used to do nothing but he, you know, orange circles, because that’s exactly what citrus supposed to reminds me of themselves. There is going to smell. Everybody’s going to smell of citrus, orange scicles. I’ll tell you what, that’s a, that’s a game changer. That’s awesome. So aluminum free,

Jackie:                          34:55                parabens free, no artificial fragrances. This, this is number one on the EWG website, the skin deep website where you can go, you know, see what your products are rated, um, in regards to toxins and toxicity. So number one, it’s like the best, so very, very good for you and your armpits. You’re going to love it. Your armpits are going to be very happy. And last but not least on guard and mouthwash, I can’t wait for this, for all of you guys to check out this mouthwash. It is very strong, very strong. So it gets your breath smelling good hair, he quickly and it actually doesn’t have to be shaken. The somehow they incapsulated the essential oils to float in your liquid. And it’s also surprising idea. Clear it is 100 percent clear. Yeah. And it has xylitol in it which is so good for you.

Jackie:                          35:51                Alcohol, no alcohol. So very, very rare to find a mouthwash, mouthwash that doesn’t have alcohol in it. So of course it brings you the refreshing flavor of Doterra on guard. Protective blend. And it leaves your mouth smelling fresh and your smile bright up. I should put that on the label. So on guard is also really good for your gums and your teeth and you know, not just your breast smelling good, but it’s really great for oral health all over. So I’m excited. I hope you guys are so excited about all of these amazing new products that we’ve covered and it gets your dream kit October second, $230, 200 PV. Put it on your loyalty rewards order. You’re going to have to add a non promo items, add some terrazyme, which is 10 percent off this month. Um, if you placed that order on your lrp before the 15th of the month, you’re not only going to get the, the car diffuser, the Kumquat, the Clementine, the Red Mandarin, but you’re also going to get a 15 milliliter bottle of lemon essential oil, which is the product of the month. Say, Ooh. Wow. Freebies. That was a breath full. That was a lot of products. Yeah. You can’t use your points on this obviously. Okay.

Frank:                           37:09                Yeah. There’s no reason to. Plus the value that you’re getting a loan, I think has been. I think the value alone has been spoken to very well on this podcast, so this was a lot of fun. Jackie, thank you so much guys for listening. We cannot wait. We’re going to probably be bringing this essential oil podcast to you a lot faster than once weekly, so please stay tuned for that. Match, that subscribe button. Check us out. I’m going to get us on Google play. We’re getting on spotify. We’re going to stay on itunes and we want to make sure that you’re always getting this tremendous content anytime that you need it. For everybody out there in podcast land. We love you guys and we cannot wait to hear and see you on our next podcast. Take care now.


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