023: Rev-up Your Sex Drive Naturally! Valentine's Day

February 11, 2019 00:30:20
023: Rev-up Your Sex Drive Naturally!  Valentine's Day
Essential Oil Healthcare Radio
023: Rev-up Your Sex Drive Naturally! Valentine's Day

Feb 11 2019 | 00:30:20


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Hey everyone! This is a fun and hip podcast today about essential oils in the bedroom! Since you couples are about to share a holiday together - we figured we would bring some content to support! :)

On today's podcast we discuss:

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And here are the show notes:

Intro:                            00:09                Welcome to essential oil healthcare radio. I am frank. I am a certified physician assistant and I'm Jackie Ritz. I'm an herbalist and lover of essential oils and we would love to bring to you this podcast about herbs, essential oils, supplements, all these ways that you can live a natural life. So stay tuned and listen to us and we'll be bringing to you lots of content on essential oils using herbs, using natural remedies to take care of yourself in your family.

Intro:                            00:37                Hey and welcome to today's episode where we get to talk about something kind of edgy, but that's okay because that's just how we roll. This is essential oil healthcare radio and I'm frank. This is Jackie and we are going to talk about how to spice up your life. This episode is dropping at a and during the same week, actually a Valentine's Day. So you may want to look for some ways to help impress your significant other in ways that you know, only you can, but anyway, we wanted to give you guys some additional tips and things that we haven't talked to with many folks and also kind of came up with ourselves over the course of the time that we have used, you know, nutrition, essential oils and some of the other great herbs and supplements and things like that to really make sure that although I'm 40, I'll be honest with you, I still feel like I'm in my teens.

Intro:                            01:31                So I think Jackie would be happy to also

Frank:                           01:34                echo that. So. But anyway, without further ado, let's talk about spice up your love life. So first and foremost, let's start off with talking about the foundational reasons behind why we want to talk about what we want to talk about. And that would be a discussion on Libido, right? So like libido is huge in terms of, and as a terrible pun by the way, Libido is, but so living in quite a few of those will have a very punny podcasts. That'll be awesome. Listen to this episode of your kids are in the car. Absolutely. This is an 18 and older, although we're not going to use any profanity. We'll have some innuendos. Uh, but. But anyway, so loss of Libido happens for a bunch of different mental and physical reasons with men. I'm just speaking for myself with, with this. I'm going to just open up and say this, that when we were trying to conceive our first little one, I was trying so hard to make it right that it ended up actually causing me a lot of problems in the bedroom and I could not perform because it was all in my head, right?

Frank:                           02:42                There was nothing wrong with me. I'm even though I like I went and actually talked to a doctor and said, am I running low on stuff? Is there something that I'm missing? What's going on here? Come to find out it was absolutely all in my head. So once I chilled out, started reducing that stress and realizing that I just need to relax and let things happen. You know, now we're blessed. We've been blessed with plenty of wonderful kids.

Jackie:                          03:07                I think a lot of the problems are in your head, right when it comes to the loss of Libido.

Frank:                           03:12                Yeah. I mean the number one cause of the loss of libido is stress or just being physically exhausted.

Jackie:                          03:17                I've always said to frank, I'm so happy that I'm a woman because I don't have to get hard and perform. I, you know, and I can't imagine as a man you know, having to have that always looming before you. So

Frank:                           03:31                there's pressures for both pressures, pressures for both sides, but needless to say is the number one cause is going to be stressed or exhaustion. Number two is going to be, are you feeling depressed? You know, like obviously if emotionally you're not there then physical, you're not going to be there either there or there might be some other physical symptoms. Like sometimes you have an underactive thyroid gland, sometimes you're around menopause, which is something called Peri menopausal. There are different types of medications that actually will drive your libido down. We know this as a side effect. Men could have low testosterone. Okay. And then of course there could be marital problems, which I will say about half of those that we discussed, we can actually improve by having a better relationship because having a better relationship will increase sexual intimacy between any couples. Okay. So what are some of the health benefits then of having a good sex life?

Frank:                           04:23                Well, obviously it's a stress reliever, right? Surprisingly enough, researchers have also found that it also does in fact lower your blood pressure. It helps do things like boost your immunity. It obviously burns calories. So guess what? You can lose some weight if you have enough of it. Excuse me. It's really good for a gentleman for improving their heart health. It gives you a better sense. A big gives you a better self esteem. It actually helps sometimes with inflammation and it helps with intimacy between you and your partner. And then you know, what's kind of cool is stronger pelvic floor muscles. That's always nice. So you can actually have sex and not worry about having to do a thousand key goals a day. But then of course, also at least

Jackie:                          05:04                for the men to say they've never had a baby pushed out of their vagina. And then five years later I tried to go to the trampoline park.

Frank:                           05:13                Oh yes. There has been some incontinent episodes. Has, they're not. But which are always fun to giggle about. But anyway. And then the last round it out would be better sleep. Okay. So there are a couple of things that we're going to discuss. We're of course going to dive right in and talk about different ways to sort of naturally support a very healthy libido.

Frank:                           05:32                So I want to talk to the women and you know, we go through a lot, lots of life changes that fluctuate and change our hormones and this can impact so many areas of our life, including our sex drive in our libido. And so it's really important that we get some very vital nutrients that are going to be used to just create that vitality and enhanced, enhances our emotional and our physical wellbeing and in particularly to women, but can boost fertility. So some of these things I want to just, you know, if you've been around our podcast for awhile, you know, that whoever we really aren't just about essential oils. Um, I was just talking to frank and I was like, maybe I should have named it something else, but, um, I think uh, essential oils is a really big part of it. It's just a, you know, like a fourth of the Pi Square Pie Circle Not Square and could be cornbread, cornbread that is true or Brownie batter.

Frank:                           06:37                Nice. And you know, I've definitely seen, I've definitely seen squarish things for birthdays and stuff like that. It's whatever, circle square, whatever. Anyways, but, um, but yeah, it's really important that we get some very key things instead of just sitting thinking that you can slap some oils on and you're going to be okay. Slept oils. I did. Wow. Should we do sound effects? All right. So let's talk a little bit about some key things that we need in our diet as women. Um, one thing I want to just really tell you guys is that there are some foods that are like really high in carbohydrates that what these do is these actually prevent energy peaks and can really cause hormonal fluctuations. So if you're a woman and you know, if you are eating a lot of grain, you know, just think about that. Okay, I'm trying to come off of it a little bit limited or use just really good high quality grain and I always recommend if you're going to eat grain to eat soaked grain or sprouted grain and you could buy, I mean all the has sprouted bread now so you can buy that without actually having to do that yourself.

Jackie:                          07:52                Which is a really complicated process. I'm also, for women, probiotics is very, very important. This helps to not only just boost immunity, but it also has a really good effect on the neurotransmitter Serotonin, which is a mood stabilizer. This is produced in our gut. And so if our gut is in check and good by taking, you know, healthy probiotics are eating live foods like Kimchi, Sauerkraut, drinking Kombucha, even, you know, tempeh or Miso that has been fermented properly, all of that can help to regulate our emotions and to release that serotonin which is going to give us and help us to increase our libido and our sex drive. Um, another really important thing, and I think frank is going to explain this one a little bit better than I can, but it's vital estrogens. This is very, very important for women as well because, um, this helps to, these have, there's foods that have these plant hormones in it and this is like dark green leafy vegetables. So mustard greens and Broccoli and cabbage and Kale. These not only are a very high source of free radical fighting and I oxidants, but it also works in a similar way as it does in the plant. It's a natural estrogen that is produced by the body and therefore it helps to make off make up for the loss of estrogen that occurs around the time of menopause. And so this is really important for women going through that, those menopausal symptoms?

Frank:                           09:33                Yeah, absolutely. Estrogen, estrogen. Okay. So let me, let me just quickly talk about kind of two or three different types of estrogens, if I May, is that you have body produced at Estrogens, then you have which are called endogenous estrogens and then you have xeno estrogens and then you have phytoestrogen. Okay. Obviously we are shooting for to be as natural as possible. We want to create a, you know, these endogenous or or released inside of the body estrogens. Right. Problem is though, is that with all these hormone disruptors that are happening, know with different types of molecules and compounds and whatnot in our drinking water and food and all that kind of stuff. We're in ingesting an alarming amount of Xeno estrogens now and so the purpose of a phytoestrogen is to sort of help offset that battle that's going on where the Zino estrogen has a really good affinity. It's really strongly looking for the receptors and it fights for those receptors in a woman's body. Well, by having the phytoestrogens around, it sort of makes the natural estrogens more capable of being able to actually go and hit those receptors instead. So it's a really great way to balance your hormones and a very natural way by making sure that you're getting plenty of vegetables chock full of really wonderful final estrogens.

Jackie:                          10:51                And there's also some foods that are high in these fertility boosting estrogens like nuts and seeds. So these provide those estrogens that help to regulate your mood and you can also find them in Omega threes. So I'm oily fishes such as salmon or mackerel, very, very high in that and very, very great for boosting fertility. Um, another really good one is full fat raw dairy. This is, um, has some incredible fertility boosting benefits because of the cholesterol that's in it. It's aids, the progesterone production. So this is a key fertility hormone that helps, you know, increase that hormone in your body, which helps you get pregnant, helps regulate your libido, all of that. So think about adding some of those things to your diet. I'm another really cool thing I want to talk about was some herbs that can help just, you know, normal health, so things that women can take when they're going through different periods of their life.

Jackie:                          11:58                One of my favorite ones is skullcap. I love recommending that one. This is not only great for the pre menstrual period and you know right before you're going to start your period, but it's also really great for easing tension. It enhances different mental and emotional wellbeing, things that you're going through. I love chaste berry as well. Chasteberry berry, you can buy all these herbs dried so you don't have to grow them yourself if you're not able to. Although it's fun to actually have your own little medicinal medicinal herb garden, but chasteberry is a. it's a really good tonic for women in a tonic means that you can take it all throughout different periods of your life. It's safe to be taken every single day. If you're pregnant, you want to make sure before you take anything new. Any herb that you talked to your primary care physician, okay, don't forget that, but chasteberry is a tonic.

Jackie:                          12:52                It tones are tissue in our body and it helps to balance hormones and so this is also a really great one during pms time, but it also can help to lessen the impact of menopause in your later life. Another great herb, an oil, so it comes as both and we've grown to really love it. It's yarrow. This is an antispasmodic herbs, so it really helps to balance blood flow during that time of the month. And it really just helps those years. A uterine, how do you say, uterine or uterus tissue. It helps to really help your body when you're regulating your period and when you're going through that time of the month. But those are just some of the things that I wanted to mention for, um, for women's health and just as a basic foundation.

Frank:                           13:44                Yeah. And then let's go ahead and hop into men's health as well because quite honestly, our bodies, although we have different chemistries, let's face it, we're still both human beings, right? So like where a woman is estrogen dominant men, a man will be, uh, you know, testosterone dominant. But here's the deal, there is actually testosterone in women and there's estrogen in men, so we still are essentially cut from the same mold. So men, a lot of these different things actually will be able to be applicable to you. So please listen up. One of the things that I do is I definitely make sure that I'm getting a really great quality multivitamin. The reason why is because a lot of those metabolic processes that happen even with us not even thinking about them, they need those precursors in order to be able to handle those processes.

Frank:                           14:33                So it's extremely important. The other thing is, is that of course we want to make sure that we take care of our prostate, right? So there are a bunch of different types of ways that we can, um, you know, naturally boost testosterone as well as look at being able to really help find the balance with our prostate health. Well, one of the things that I make sure that I do is I try to get that vitamin supplementation that actually is specifically designed for men. Um, I pay attention to things like co Q 10 and Reservatrol and Berberine. These are some of the most important ones that I really like. Chlorella, chlorella, and Spirulina, or fantastic superfoods. Matter of fact, I did a podcast on superfoods, 10 of the most popular or should say most beneficial superfood. So please check that out on a previous episode.

Frank:                           15:20                But anyway, it's important to take care of prostate health. Okay. Then there's some different things that you want to make sure that you're getting, which is plenty of vitamin D, plenty of vitamin C. You want to make sure that you're also getting that as well. The last couple of things I don't want to talk about is, you know, ensuring that you naturally are going to get symptoms of an enlarged prostate. Unfortunately, as men get older, it happens. You'll find out I'm going to the bathroom more frequently when I go to the bathroom. I don't feel like I empty my bladder completely. I might go and go to the bathroom and then unfortunately once it starts getting a little bit more pronounced, you may start dribbling. Okay, so these are the things that you want to watch out for and make sure that you pay attention to those types of symptoms because that might require you to go in and go talk to a physician and figure out what may be going on for your prostate.

Frank:                           16:14                Okay. So it's super important to make sure that you consider prostate health. Well, let's switch gears for a little bit because we just wanted to talk men and women's health kind of in a, in a quick nutshell if you will, but let's continue on with our intimacy talk. Alright, so how important is aroma? Oh my gosh. To intimacy, right? So important. So like you, we. The first thing that we do is we want to make sure that we do the old sniff check and I'm not talking about the sniff check down there. I'm talking about like have I taken a shower actually today, right? Because that would be an aroma, that problem we would turn anybody off. That's obvious. Let's talk about the legitimate source of aroma, right? It arouses the old factories system which arouses the brain. Okay. Obviously Libido, like we said, has a huge component in the mental arena. Okay. It also helps improve your desire. It does a really great way of like lowering inhibitions when it comes to seeking out sex, if you will. And then in addition to, it actually has an environment that actually increases your pleasure. So diffusers are a great topical uses of essential oils are absolutely fantastic with a Roma. Do you want anything to add? Anything that.

Jackie:                          17:28                No, I love that. So, um, let's talk about boosting libido and boosting intimacy. Okay, perfect. And I have some irb recommendation and we'll close out with some essential oils, some essential oils. I think you guys understand that the foundational aspect of this is really important. It's diet and supplements and you know, taking care of yourself. Obviously, I know I feel sexier when I'm cleaner on my armpits are shade. You don't want to look at my legs right now because it is winter and we are in the polar vortex right now getting slammed. Not as bad as our friends up north, but anyways, I, you know, when you're, you're just cleaned up, you feel sexier. So that's like the first thing for women, you know, get yourself cleaned up, treat yourself well, get a new body butter, you know, or get a new sugar scrub for the bathtub, but do something nice for yourself and you'll feel so much better.

Jackie:                          18:22                So let's talk about some herbs that you can use that will boost libido in some oils as well. And just so you know, it's common to experience times of low libido depending on what you're going through in your life. If you're tired or stressed out, obviously after you have a baby, you're exhausted. So it's completely normal. But some herbs that I love is the one that I really love is called Damiana. Okay. D A, m I a N A and I use this. It's in my brand new book, the home apothecary in one of my aphrodisiac tea recipes. But this herb is just a very well known traditional aphrodisiac. It's used for just energizing and uplifting and it just helps to reignite desire. So the best way to actually use Damiana is to drink it as a tea. So if you could find some dried Damiana, a lot of the Aphrodisiac t's on the market that are premade habit in it, but this is a really, really great herbs that you can use that will help boost your libido. So what do you want to. Do you want to talk about some other essential oils?

Frank:                           19:31                Absolutely. Let's jump right in. So the oils that have been known to really help are going to be like a little bit more. We'll start off with some hot slash spicy oils, right? Why don't we talk about hot and spicy first? Okay. So black pepper by the way. So it warms, it strengthens and it helps ignite flames of passion, right? Cinnamon is great for real lighting a fire in kind of like improving sexual desire. Okay. It is warming. Alright. So if you're already going to consider using it as like a massage oil or something like that, realize that you want to test out this before you decide to jump right in. Make sure you use a carrier oil because it absolutely is a warming law. There is a really great blend that doesn't necessarily utilize him in, but it has a lot of really great massage style or that end and that is known as aroma touch. I really love aroma touch. I love the basil. Uh, I absolutely love the Cypress. It helps improve blood flow and it just really helps heightened that sort of feeling that you can have on your skin when you use it. A sandalwood is really great. It actually has a really wonderful smell to it. It helps increase your emotional openness, which I did not know that it actually does, but it also of course increased the sensuality.

Jackie:                          20:47                Yeah, it's really great for men because of its subtle earthy aroma that it has. And in particular in men, it helps to strengthen sex drive.

Frank:                           20:54                And then of course I got to say my cheesy Pun, I'm so sorry, but you along, you along, you love taught long time, right? Because you along, you along it. What's surprising is that I may have strolled down a, an aisle at a, uh, at a grocery store or something like that and saw some of those synthetic massage oils. If you will, and guess what, they're starting to put in it, what it is actually one of them, so along you along is huge. It's, it's, it's wow. That's really funny that I'm. The sexual innuendos are terrible right now guys, but it's a very powerful aphrodisiac. It actually improves the attraction between people and it actually helps create a more sensual experience while you're actually doing the hippity activity.

Jackie:                          21:41                So it's good to diffuse that one. Absolutely. Or even use it topically. It's a wonderful frequently grab that one know at night and so some of the other ones that I really love is coriander. You wouldn't believe it, but coriander is very warming and very toning oil. It can be used to help relieve like different held intentions that you have, which can dampen your libido obviously, and it helps to clear the mind. So my favorite way to recommend coriander is not just there eating it. Massage. Okay? So use this as a massage oil on. You can do it on your partner before you guys are going to have sex. It's a great way just to, you know, foreplay and just warm things up a little bit because we all know us women are diesel engines and take a little bit of time to get goers. We men are bottle rockets. Yeah, unbelievable. But another really classic Aphrodisiac is Jasmine. This is a very sensual, exotic aroma and it's very uplifting and very relaxing. And so this is another good one that you can use in the diffuser or just to apply topically as well. So what about some foods like oysters and stuff?

Frank:                           22:56                Yeah, so oysters, I mean, Gosh, if you, if you have ever had an oyster, yes, there's different aphrodisiac properties in oysters and things like that. That's in it. It's beet juice is supposed to be apparently. I don't know if I would recommend drinking beet juice before you go on a date or something like that, but take care of yourself with, you know, mood impressing types of foods, right? Make sure you're eating a lot of good omega three fatty acids. These are the sorts of things that will help boost your mood as men and be able to have you overcome. Some of these physical and emotional slumps that we just really don't like to talk about. I mean, we're pretty, we're pretty guarded with this kind of stuff, so that's really good for us to consider.

Jackie:                          23:40                Another thing is zinc. I mentioned zinc is an oyster is very high in

Jackie:                          23:45                zinc, but zinc helps to boost blood flow all around your body. Okay. Even down there. So zinc is recommended for men who are having a hard time with testosterone levels. Did you know that? I had heard about that and helps to improve sperm count. And what about women too? Because obviously increased blood pressure, increased area to that. Increased blood flow to that part of the area that yes, absolutely helps stimulate as. Absolutely. So zinc is really a great take it by itself or eat foods that are high in zinc, but goji berries as well helps to, um, protect your testosterone levels as well. So I need to start being more go goji berries because I'm 40 now. Our delicious by the way. And my favorite way to actually take them as we throw them in our hot tea. Yup. And you know, what's funny is that ginger that we didn't talk about is also a really great additive to go Goji Berries.

Jackie:                          24:41                We actually have a green tea, ginger, Goji Berry tea that is actually phenomenal. Yeah. And Walnuts as well are really high in zinc and different amino acids. Um, you know, like frank talked about how important some supplements are in amino acids, but specifically l carnitine. It's supports that blood flow and can help boost your, you know, sexual function. So, you know, walnuts are really high end, both zinc and some amino acids that are really going to help improve circulation, which is very important for especially men. Okay. So let's switch it up even more. Let's talk about different ways that we can improve intimacy inside of the bedroom between partners, right? So like let's talk about quickly massage or even using reflexology. So there are different points that unfortunately I don't have a graphic that I can really show you right now, but if you simply Google reflexology points, there are reflexology points that correspond to the reproductive organs in both a man and a woman.

Frank:                           25:42                And so you can consider doing something like that, like grab that aroma, touch chat. Pretty much if you rub a woman's foot, it's gonna. Make her very happy. Maybe I don't need to focus on just one second. Thank you. Need to pretty easy. If you just grab our feet. We're, we're, we're going to touch. Physical touch is huge guys. And what I mean by physical touch is just like what Jackie said is about getting intimate into the bedroom. Don't just rush to actually doing things like take your time, enjoy it, and be able to actually work yourself into being able to have those types of relationships with your partner.

Frank:                           26:19                Yeah. So let me give you guys some blends. Okay. That you can make up. And this is for women. Frank has some awesome blends that he's gonna recommend for men. So let's call this one the seduction blend. This, you want you to make a roller bottle of it. You can add it to a massage oil, you can make it into a blend however you want to use it, use it because it smells amazing. So three drops of wild orange, four drops of Lang Lang or elong elong, and then four drops of rose or Geranium. Geranium is like the poor, poor man's rose. And Trust me, I had that for years and years before I had my real rose. So once again, three drops of wild orange, four drops of Lang Lang and four drops of rose or Geranium rubbed this on your body, you know, take a bath with some of the oils from it, use it in a diffuser. Just it really is an invigorating and seducing blend.

Frank:                           27:26                And then one of the ones for men is I love ylang ylang and Sandalwood. So honestly we can actually have one more. We're going to call it, you know, I don't know. Let's just call it something like enhancing the arousal if you will, of a man. I don't know. I'm not, I'm not good with ladies. Are you going to be able to ride that? I'm not good with blend names. Call it what you want, but essentially think ginger, elong, elong, and probably either sandalwood or aroma touch or something like that. But what I literally like is this. I do about one or two drops of the sandalwood. I'll do about three to five drops of belonging, long ad it's a fractionated coconut oil. It's really great for putting it on those different, you know, emotional spots if you will, like wrist and the back of the neck and over the heart or you can diffuse it as well. Or put it wasn't fractionated coconut oil and use it as a massage. Don't put it down there. Yeah. No, not at all because we don't necessarily care for it being down there like, like, like deep blue down there. Any other hot oil? Not necessarily. Not necessarily so.

Jackie:                          28:25                No, but you could totally apply them onto your reflex points, your risk. Put it throughout your hair. Ladies, I'm going to give you guys one more blend. This one we'll call just the libido blend for women. It's very similar to the seduction blend that I just shared with you. Take one drop of Ylang Ylang, one drop of Rose Geranium, one drop of lavender, and one drop of Sandalwood. You want to use this as a perfume, so put it in a roller bottle because every single day you're not going to want to open up for different bottles, print maker, perfume for yourself every morning, but, but may get into a savvy. You can do that as well, or even just diffuse it. It's such a great way to use your oils because so much of our emotions in libido is tied together,

Frank:                           29:15                so that's it guys. I mean, I hope that we covered as much as we possibly could. Hope that you are looking forward to spending some quality time with your significant other. I hope that you were able to get something out of this. We are always wanting to spread the message, so please let us know if you have any ideas for future podcasts, especially make sure that you subscribe. If this is the first time listening, we have a lot of really back episodes that we would love for you to go check out. Leave us a review, leave us a comment. We absolutely love those as well. I hope you guys have an amazing Valentine's Day with your loved ones or just by yourself or by the way, we are still going ahead and letting this next week before our yarrow and palm giveaway, so go on there, give us a, you know, a comment or something like that and we will go ahead and pick the person in a couple of weeks to be able to receive that yarrow palm. But thank you so much guys for absolutely everything and for all of your support.

Jackie:                          30:16                Happy Valentine's Day.

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