025: Risks of Using Essential Oils

February 25, 2019 00:28:44
025: Risks of Using Essential Oils
Essential Oil Healthcare Radio
025: Risks of Using Essential Oils

Feb 25 2019 | 00:28:44


Show Notes

Hey y'all! Today we dive into why you should not understand the risks of using essential oils. Listen carefully, because we believe that you need to make sure that you understand these things COULD really happen to you if you use essential oils!

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Here are the show notes for today:

Frank:                           00:00                Welcome to essential oil healthcare radio. I am frank. I am a certified physician assistant

Jackie:                          00:04                and I'm Jackie Ritz. I'm an herbalist and lover of essential oils

Frank:                           00:08                and we would love to bring to you this podcast about herbs, essential oils, supplements, all these ways that you can live a natural life.

Jackie:                          00:16                So stay tuned and listen to us and we'll be bringing to lots of content on essential oils using herbs, using natural remedies to take care of yourself and your family.

Frank:                           00:37                Hey everyone, it's Frank and Jackie Ritz and today on this podcast we are going to talk about something that is really, really scary. We're going to talk about the risks of using essential oils and so listen all the way through, we're going to share with you guys 10 risk of using essential oils. I mean, I can't believe people are taking these risks. I know it's amazing. These, these plants have been around for thousands of years and for some strange reason now today we are being more risky than ever because we're diffusing these. We are using them on our skin and God forbid if we're considering using them internally, we have just absolutely lost our minds. Yeah, so go to the show notes. We're going to have a download of these 10 risks that you can print them out and keep them in front of you at all times. I mean every time you use any essential oil we want to remind you of these risks. Risk. If you can't tell by the way, and we might be just a wee bit sarcastic today because honestly these are a lot of the objections that we normally here to somebody who wants to start utilizing essential oils for their home and we're not making light of the situation. We do know that there are some great safety recommendations that you should be using when you use essential oils. So on next week's episode we are doing at in depth

Jackie:                          02:02                talk on using essential oils safely around your house.

Frank:                           02:07                Pretty much what we're going to say is we're going to give this in a quick nutshell really fast about safety since I want to talk about it on this podcast as well, but just make sure you are number one, don't stick them in your eyes, don't stick them in your ears and don't stick them down below. You just want to keep them away from those areas. Just say no to down below. The other thing is is that you want to make sure that it's a less is more concept, so like we use a little bit of essential oils, wait some hours, use some essential oils. Again, there's no magic bullets out there, guys. This is not a one and done scenario that I consider using say Oregano and all of a sudden I'm good. Okay, so make sure that you had the less is more a lot of really great data on the doterra website to be able to actually see what in fact is recommended by Doterra for the use of their central hub. But without further ado, let's absolutely jump into these risks.

Jackie:                          02:57                Yeah. So I think one's like the biggest

Jackie:                          03:00                risk and it actually can cost you quite a bit of money. Um, this number one risk is you will need to buy a new purse. Yes ladies, your old purse is not going to cut it. Those bottles, we'll jingle and Jangle jangle award and juggle and clink, clink and clonk. Okay. They will make all the noise inside your purse and it's just not cute. So you're going to need a cute little purse that's going to work and we'll hold those little bottles and roller bottles and place. Yes, we all had to change out our purses. So make sure you go to the show notes. I'm going to give you my favorite essential oil purse link that you can snag on an arm and an amazing deal. So number one risk, you're just going to have to buy a new purse.

Frank:                           03:52                Number two is that you'll notice that your family is healthier and that is something that we are full of testimonies, both personally and with friends who utilize essential oils. You know, it is really wonderful to actually have a natural solution that you guys, Jackie has a story that she'll share with you about our kiddos and just now feeling empowered and being able to actually do something for them instead of just kind of do the sit around and wait and just hope that everything gets better.

Jackie:                          04:23                Yeah. So when my daughter was little, she struggled with ear infections like all the time. I mean we even had to go the route of putting tubes in her ears. And so when Frankie was born, our second one, we started to see that same issue going on. He was getting so many ear infections. Doctor started talking tubes. And if you remember honey, that was when I bought my essential oil starter kit is around the same time Frankie was about a year old and we were just kind of exploring, should we get tubes put in his ears? Is this something that we actually have to do? Um, and I had heard stories about using Melaleuca or Basil on their ear to help drain that fluid to which helps, you know, which causes the infection. So what I started doing was anytime Frankie started feeling sick or pulling on his ear, I would grab my Melaleuca and I would just rub it behind his ears and down his jaw line diluted with some coconut oil and that would really help not um, the infection go into the ear. It would keep it from getting super bad. So I made sure that I did it before, you know, the infection set in and um, it really helped to drain that fluid and we never had to get to it

Frank:                           05:45                years. Yeah, it was a, it was really awesome that like, you know, we can, we became so aware of the, of the symptoms that might start presenting themselves because we're, by all means not saying the Melaleuca or Basil will cure an ear infection. Okay. So just get that right out the door. But what we will say is that if you get to know your children in such a way that you see how they act, you see what their demeanor as we were able to tell like, oh, it looks like some fluid might be building up at his ears because that's what happens with kids. The pathophysiology of how this works is that the, there's a tube, everybody knows about the ear canal, but not a lot of people know about something called the station too. But anyway, long story short is that the Eustachian tube can become, you know, clamped off, right?

Frank:                           06:31                It's the, it's the one that runs from the middle ear to the nose and it helps sort of equalize the pressure on both sides of the ear drum. Surprisingly enough, if that gets clamped off, it creates a load of like a vacuum inside the middle ear and then it sucks fluid from the surrounding tissues and in the middle ear. And then since then, fluid isn't going anywhere. There's an opportunity for bacteria to set up an infection. And so we were able to, through chiropractic manipulations, but you need to look into that, do your own research. There is a manipulation and the chiropractic can do on an ear to help correct the clamping, if you will, and help straighten out the tube. That way the flu we can get out of there. So between that and then the feeling of fullness and all that kind of stuff that our son used to give us definite, you know, signs with, we'd be able to say, okay, let's go grab that base all, let's go over that Melaleuca.

Frank:                           07:21                And quite honestly it was pretty immediate, but the type of, you know, just awe and, and relaxation and all that kind of stuff and watching all of that stuff's subside and our son and it was really, really great. As he got older, you stationed tubes became more vertical like they're supposed to. And it's really just a thing of the past. So it really is something that you need to really watch out for. Really become very good, um, parents and looking and seeing what your children are trying to tell you without being able to actually say it in words.

Jackie:                          07:53                All right. So number three, risks of using essential oils. I mean, this one's horrible, isn't it? Totally. Your house will smell better and feel cleaner. Yeah. Um, so throw those plugins and candles away. Those plugins and aerosol sprays and toxic candles, they, I mean, studies have confirmed that they have residual chemicals in it that can really accumulate in the body and the human body over a period of time and cause some significant health consequences. Um, for instance, plugins rely on using heat induction technology and special heat activated Gels, which caused a sent to be released. These gels actually have so many toxic compounds in them. And so the plugins contain the same chemicals shown for aerosols sprays. So like if you use a air freshener in your bathroom, um, and it's, I can't really say this word that well, but it's called naphthlene.

Jackie:                          09:01                Am I saying it right? You did it perfectly. Whew. Um, and so this has been linked. This chemical guys has been linked to cancer, um, and it's horrible. So toss those away. Use your essential oil diffuser if you don't know what that is. It is a little kind of like a mini humidifier that emits um, the cold water into the air mixed with the essential oils. Um, it just really, it does a great job of permeating the atmosphere in your surroundings. Um, and so diffusers have so many benefits. Should we talk a little bit about what the benefits are?

Frank:                           09:42                Well, aroma therapy has been used for decades, guys, decades to probably a couple of hundred years. We understand that there is a direct benefit between the olfactory system, which is our sense of smell and what is happening inside of our internal body environment. There are a lot of studies currently going on that are trying to show the direct causation and correlation of those two seven systems. Let me just give you an example of your olfactory system at work. We small all factory and then it leads into something called the limbic system, which is more of our primitive brain. Why. Anyway, when we think about a smell or we or we get that smell, our brain can interpret that smell almost immediately, especially if it's tied to something like an emotion. So for example, I would smell fresh cut grass and I'd be immediately transported back to when I was a teenager playing high school football because every single Friday the the stadium was always freshly mowed. And so that is the type of correlation that we are starting to see is that the, the sense of smell is directly related to emotions and it's also being shown to have physical benefits as well. And so it's Uber important to consider aroma therapy because it uplifts you and invigorates you. It can make you feel better and quite honestly with a certain type of essential oils and what blends you can actually create protection in your home against a lot of the stuff that likes to float around microscopically within our air.

Jackie:                          11:07                I think it's pretty cool that you use a diffuser for not just your house smelling good, but you're going to get all these extra benefits. But like with plugins and candles and aerosol sprays, it's just a smell good and it's causing havoc on your health. So swap those out if you haven't done them already. Okay. So that was our number three risk is that your house will smell better and cleaner. Number four.

Frank:                           11:34                Oh, by the way, let me, let me jump back to number three really quick. We have also swapped out all of our cleaning supplies with essential oil concoctions, if you will. And so, uh, we've just been able to see that we could still get these rate like smells all throughout the home and actually still have that capability to our countertops and clean our door knobs and all of those sorts of things as well. We have swapped everything out to remove all of those other toxic chemicals that are in some of these more ubiquitous old school cleaners that we have just known for years and years

Jackie:                          12:09                ubiquitous. Yup. Absolutely. Wow. That was a fancy word.

Frank:                           12:12                I know, I know. I looked up that in my thesaurus today. Oh, okay. Number four is you'll have more energy.

Jackie:                          12:19                Yeah. So don't use oil as a few, like being, you know, grumpy, lethargic and full of fatigue.

Frank:                           12:24                Yeah, it's a, it's because there are certain essential oils, especially the citrus oils that are invigorating and very uplifting. And when somebody utilizes essential oils, they often like to use, you know, different types of sense throughout the day. And so it's a really nice way to uplift ourselves instead of having our reach for that, you know, mid afternoon, highly caffeinated drink, uh, which ends up unfortunately probably wreaking havoc on our sleep, uh, that evening. And so it's really nice to be able to utilize something a lot more natural to really help us throughout the day, to centralize, to ground us and to help us feel a calm and refreshed throughout our entire work day or work week.

Jackie:                          13:08                So my favorite combo is it's kind of old school. Um, it's peppermint and wild orange. Nothing fancy, but I love putting a drop of each of those in my hands. I rub my hands together and then I breathe it in so deep, almost like I'm a crack addict. So awesome. Crack Addict, Huh? Yeah. Like, that's what they do. So therefore breathe it in through my nose.

Frank:                           13:30                You can make sort of like a, I mean, I hate to say it, I would like to call it a water pipe if I may. Um, but it's sort of like you, you rub it on here, you to put a drop on each and you're rubbing together really, really fast. And what that does is that helps activate the oils and turn them, you know, take those volatile compounds that are inside of the oils and start to put them out in a aroma. And then what you can do is you can cup your hands over your face and just breathe very deeply and it works really, really well to wake you up.

Jackie:                          14:00                I recommend five breaths that's like buy nice, slow, drawn out, low five breaths.

Frank:                           14:05                That's a good way to help center you throughout the day too. Right? So like if you're feeling stressed or you have feelings of anxiousness or something like that, reach for those to a citrus oil and a mentor oil and do what we're just describing and trust me, you'll, he'll definitely not believe the help that it can provide. One of the oils that I like that I'm going to throw out there is actually, I've mixed it up a little bit and now I actually like Tangerine

Jackie:                          14:29                and spearmint. You taking my favorites. Yeah, those are, that's definitely became one of my norm lime and spam and I love as well. Yeah. All right. Number five. This one is the most riskiest of a mall and the most annoying us. Um, your kids will become little oil monsters and they will literally scream for you to put on their oils every single night. Like they won't go to bed unless you put the oils on them and in their diffuser.

Frank:                           14:57                Yeah, he's grown out of it now. But our son Frankie was the cutest. And also the funniest is that he would look at us and we would have everything all taken care of. Lights would be off, his little salt lamp was on. He was all tucked in and then you would look at us and go "what about oylls?". Oylls. What about the oils? And so of course we would have a little stockpile rack next to his bed hidden away in a cabinet. So he uh, he could have them put on no Emmy flip over immediately Polish shirt up and we'd apply as oils right before you went to bed on his spine in his feet.

Jackie:                          15:29                So how do you spell oils? I don't know who I am. There any of the listeners out there make labels and you have a label that says oils, I will buy it from you. Yeah, cause I need that on all of my kids oils. Um, but literally they are, some nights you just want to like, I feel like I really just want to throw them in their room, like literally throw their blankie at them and slam the door shut. And so when oils are in the picture, you can't really do that because you have to, if you get in the routine of, you know, your bedtime routine with them is putting oils on, then you can't skip it. Okay.

Frank:                           16:08                No you cannot. And it's a real good, they sleep better. And you know, what's awesome about it guys is that like maybe I'm just being a little bit cloud nine kind of this with this thing, but honestly, it's a great way for you to bond with your children. It's really cool that a lot of us can, you know, utilize oils in that space and be able to, you know, uh, love on our kids and, and have that physical touch with them that, you know, we just often don't get during bedtime. Like we might just give him a hug, we might give him a kiss me and I pray with them and read them a book, something like that. But then we have that opportunity to share aroma and touch and there's a lot of power in that. And so it's become really, definitely part of our nighttime routine. Okay.

Jackie:                          16:44                So number six, risk of using essential oils is that y'all need all the oils, like all of them.

Frank:                           16:52                There are so many benefits with all the oils and then it's like a bag of skittles. You don't have to, you have to feel the rainbow. Um, you cannot have just one oil there. Yes, there's top 10 oils. Yesterday is extremely beneficial wiles that you'll probably use a lot more than the others, but y'all want to end up collecting every single single oil and blend that you possibly can.

Jackie:                          17:13                And when I started buying Doterra oils, um, I was buying them off Amazon before that, so we won't talk about that. Um, but when I started with Doterra five years ago, we were heavily in debt, like $50,000 in debt. And so I do an article about that recently. I did. Yeah, I can share that below in the show notes. Okay. Thank you for giving me all the work. Um, but see now you made me lose my track of thought.

Frank:                           17:43                Your train of thought. I you to track your train of thought. Was that used to train that you started off with buying Amazon oils, train or track. Why does it make it doesn't matter. It's the same thing. I was going to cheer. They were going to say place. That wasn't actually my train of thought by the way about the Amazon oils. That was, that was like my random squirrel thought. So can you get me back to my original thought? And by the way, there is four shapes that describe people's personalities and I if you can tell and the square meaning like I need everything perfect and laid out and all that kind of stuff. And then there's my wife who perfectly balances the squareness. She is something called the squiggle. There really is no end. There's no beginning and there's really no discernible pattern, but we're not making fun of her. It's just this is how she has and I love it about her and she, she brings a lot of whimsical ness to my life. Her for that. So sweet. But you were talking about getting every yeah.

Jackie:                          18:36                Yes I was. Thank you. Okay, so you'll want to get all the oils. So let me tell you the cheapest and the best way to do that because I'm a cheapo like big time. I shopped at goodwill. Frugal is a better word. Okay, well that's the nice word. But we all know I'm cheap. Um, so doterra has an awesome monthly subscription plan. Kind of like, I mean I'm part of like three subscription plans. Here's another squirrel moment I love, we just got a new micro green subscription plan where we can grow our own micro Greens every week. Um, we're, I'm part of a Kido on anyways. I'm part of many. I love them. Okay. It's like Christmas when it comes because you get, you never know what you're gonna get, but with their terrorist monthly subscription plan, you get to customize it. So what I did is over the, I think it was about a year and a half till I had every single oil, I use the monthly subscription plan and I ended up saving a ton of money doing it that way.

Jackie:                          19:33                And then every month I got an oil for free. So by the end of like a year or two, about a year and three months I had all the oils. So that was the best way for me to get all the oils and that's the best way for you to get all the oils is to join doterra's monthly subscription plan called the loyalty rewards and you know, adjust your, customize your box every single month. You can add whatever you want it. That's one thing I don't like about subscription plans. Sometimes like in our Keto box we got that chocolate that we hated that tasted like, what's it tastes like? It wasn't, it was like the third formerly known as chocolate. It wasn't, it was not good. It wasn't. We got on and look like we got it again. I was like well crap. Like I wish I could have swapped this out. It was mud covered cardboard. Right. Probably the best way to describe it. So that's one thing I don't like about other subscription plans and why I love Doterra's and plus you get to stack like extra savings. So anyways, that's number six. Number seven is all you and I mean at describes you perfectly. So

Frank:                           20:38                there is a brand new, if you didn't know that there was new research about a different type of hormone that is present in a man and it's a blend of two different hormones and hear me out on this, but we're going to call it Testostrogen. Okay. What we're referring to is this is the joking way that a lot of us folks that are of the men persuasion who get involved in doterra normally because their significant other does, you know, then you start attending events and going to classes and seeing lives change and hearing about all of the amazing things that Doterra does with their healing hands foundation is that I don't necessarily care how much he is, you may feel, but these things will absolutely break, break you down and you will shed tears because of them. Because there is a lot of love around the community and culture of essential oils. Uh, and it's been something that is very captivating to myself and I have been able to really understand my own emotions a lot better because of it. And so we always jokingly say at the end of some large event, whether it be say leadership or Doterra's convention, that they have every single a September in Salt Lake City, Utah. That by the end of the convention, your testosterone levels will definitely be at an increase.

Jackie:                          21:56                Yeah. So yeah, number seven, your testostrogen is going to increase. And yes, that's a brand new hormone that we and de identified.

Frank:                           22:04                If you Google that, you will find it. Nowhere can we get, you will find, you will find funny a little memes about it, but I promise you it's not real. But we jokingly say that it is.

Jackie:                          22:13                And Israel, um, number eight, I mean this is, this one is, I mean if you hate people that I want to

Frank:                           22:21                worn yet introverts be where here it comes.

Frank:                           22:24                I mean, I hate people sometimes still I like people, but I hate him sometimes. But you know, if you're an introvert like me, you have to take people like little bits at a time. So I want to warn you. Number Eight, people will actually want to hang out with you. They will. Um, you'll be nicer. You'll be so pleasant to be around. Not only will you smell incredible, but essential oils have such a positive impact on your mood. So they're known to stimulate the limbic system and that can cause you to reminisce on positive events. Um, and it could lead to smiles and laughing and visions of baby goats bouncing around on the mountain. Oh wait, is that just me?

Frank:                           23:13                No, not at all. That's, that's baby gap. Just go Google baby goats. They're just there. So don't Google it. Go to my Instagram. Yeah. You'll see all the new baby goats

Jackie:                          23:24                for new baby goats and they are so stinking.

Frank:                           23:27                And then, and then one of our newer baby goats decided to jump over a fence so she can be with the boys. So be paying attention because in July it looks like we'll have more baby goats. That little. Yeah, exactly. That word ends insert bad word here.

Jackie:                          23:42                Um, so yeah, so people actually want to hang out with you. And so if you don't want to hang out with people, then maybe you don't want to put oils on. Okay. Um, number nine, everyone will want you to make a roller bottle for them. Oh yeah, like the crazy oil lady or man, that's what you be car. That's what you become. And so you'll go to church and people will be like, where's my roller bottle?

Frank:                           24:06                Girl? Let me, let me go ahead and get some of that from you. What's that blend that your husband talks about all the time?

Jackie:                          24:11                And then when everyone calls him to his work because their immune system is shot, you will be the next phone call after they call work.

Frank:                           24:20                But let me say one quick word about that for you folks that are out there and possibly building the business, make sure that you, uh, you know, let them know that they can do this themselves as well. Like empowerment is key, right? It's the entire philosophy of you via teach a person a fish you're going to feed him for that day. But if you teach them how to fish, wait, did I say that twice? If you teach them how to fish or if you fish for a person, you feed him for a day, but if you teach them how to fish, then you can feed him for a lifetime. That is exactly how essential oils education works. Okay? You can empower them to understand how to do this themselves. So by all means, share beak, Brie, great about sharing, but then of course show them how to do it for themselves as well because quite honestly, the more people that know that you're the crazy oil person, they're going to come and be bugging, bugging you about essential oils a lot they will.

Frank:                           25:10                And then finally, number 10 number 10 is that essential oils can be considered like a gateway. And I say this word in parentheses drug. The reason why is because essential oils make you want to feel more healthy in all aspects of your life. You will realize that because of the fact that you are smelling better, that houses feeling fresher and cleaner, you are noticing that your wellness is improving with the fact that you are utilizing essential oils. Then you're going to start looking at stuff like, I think I can start eating better. I think I can remove toxins out of my life. I need to find out where I can good, get good pure air and water where I can move more and get that functional exercise that I need. You will realize that essential oils could in fact be that catalyst that pushes you to better health. And so number 10 is definitely the riskiest of all because you will in fact want to be a more healthy person. And so with that being said, those are the top 10 essential oil risks. We wanted to make sure that you are aware of those at beyond the lookout for him because they are out there prowling around like a lion and you absolutely can get the health care that you deserve in 2000 and

Jackie:                          26:28                don't you have a yarrow to give away? We most certainly do. Yeah. And so you said that they had to leave a review on Itunes, right? Yeah.

Frank:                           26:37                So what we will do is if this week, because this podcast will come out on Mondays by way, also let us know if we need to up it to two times a week because we've been bringing you guys a lot of really great, um, apparently the content that we're bringing you, you guys have been well received with it. And so we want to ask you guys if you could make sure that you let us know what you enjoy and if you want us to do two podcasts. And so we want to give out this yarrow in palm to one of our folks who has left us a rating and a review. And this person's a handle, if you will, as health essential s t o n and it looks like it is Loretta Lynn at the end of the uh, w at the end of the comment that says, I love you guys. You're wonderful. I love listening to your podcast. They are so informative. Also helping me to remember certain healthy, helpful tips to share with others. Keep doing what you're doing and look forward to seeing you on the road or at convention. And so thank you so much for that comment. And guess what, you've got yourself a yarrow palm on the way. So you need to email [email protected] please with your address so I can get that out to you. A S A p.

Jackie:                          27:56                So thank you guys so much for joining us today on um, the essential oil healthcare radio. Next week we will be doing a podcast on safety tips so it can just be a resource. That's really why I wanted to do it. You know, honestly, that's like for me the most boring part is teaching safety. I won't lie. Um, safety is important though. And so we want to make this a resource tool for you to use if you ever need to listen to it or share it with somebody who's new to oils just so that they know some really basic tips for getting started with their new essential oils.

Frank:                           28:31                So subscribe, share, show is the love by giving us ratings and all that good stuff. And we will catch you next week again on another fantastic essential oil healthcare radio podcast. Bye everyone.

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