027: 4 Ways to UPLEVEL your HEALTH

March 11, 2019 00:22:49
027: 4 Ways to UPLEVEL your HEALTH
Essential Oil Healthcare Radio
027: 4 Ways to UPLEVEL your HEALTH

Mar 11 2019 | 00:22:49


Show Notes

Hey everybody! We just flew back from doTERRA Leadership East in Atlanta, and boy are my arms tired! Sorry - had to!

But, for real - what an experience! Additionally, I had the opportunity to speak at the event - here is the recording for the talk, hope you enjoy! It is full of nuggets for you!

I discuss on this podcast:

Here are the show notes for today's podcast:

Frank:                           00:00                Welcome to essential oil healthcare radio. I am frank. I am a certified physician assistant and I'm Jackie Ritz. I'm an herbalist and lover of essential oils and we would love to bring to you this podcast about herbs, essential oils, supplements, all these ways that you can live a natural life. So stay tuned and listen to us and we'll be bringing to you lots of content on essential oils using herbs, using natural remedies to take care of yourself and your family.

Frank:                           00:28                Hey everyone, we're back and we're so thrilled to bring you this talk that frank was able to do on the Doterra east leadership and Atlanta this past week. This is his talk that we're bringing to you about how to uplevel your health. Four ways that you can uplevel your health...enjoy!

Frank:                           00:58                When I think about frank and unknown break a long time as well. Any guys in the audience raise your hand. So frame is awesome. When when I have a question I'll go to frank, especially if it's a guy question. How could I use oils for this? So he has a wealth of knowledge. And when I think about what breaking his wife Jackie m done to build a business to blue diamonds with their experience combined, it's just a tremendous, tremendous, powerful story. And I'm happy the freak is here. Uh, made some change of plan just so we can be here with you today. So let's give a huge welcome to frayed grits.

Frank:                           01:41                Do you one of those things where I want you to like stand up, stretch, massage each other. Okay. I don't do that, but I do want you to know that I speak fast. I speak loud as you can already tell. All right, so be prepared. Take notes. And I think of that old saved by the bell episode of Jessie, span out. The smoke was coming off of her notebooks. So I have a lot of slides ago over. So please, I will get as engaging with you as possible. I promise I won't call anybody out, although I have been known to do that I think on the fly. But sit down, buckle up and let's go ahead and take this ride. Okay. So of course we have to start this off with having some disclaimers, right? This is my information. I just so happened to be a physician assistant, but I am not speaking anything more so than what I am entitled to as a or Doterra.

Frank:                           02:31                Okay, so take it for what it's worth. If you want to speak with somebody or you yourself want to take up any of these lifestyle changes, talk to your home care provider. You know, you've heard a lot about what this prime, the primary and clinics, right? Integrative healthcare was on the rocks. I actually had the opportunity on the plane ride here to speak with a gentleman who works in Christian healthcare ministries. They help provide finances for families to be able to go see integrative physicians. And I think that that's incredible, right? How many of you actually feel that we now have sick care in America rather than the health care? And if you haven't, if you don't have your hand up, put it up because it's the trip. All right. I speak truth. Um, there was just a quick little story is that because of my wonderful wife, I haven't had to be in practice now for coming up.

Frank:                           03:22                I think it's like four years now. And the reason why I say that is because not only do we love having a home based business, it gives us time of the children in the farm that we have in western North Carolina. But here's the biggest part is that every single day we get to help people and we get to help empower people and we help to get people to understand that they have the ability to do it and that we are there to help them understand that they can as well. And we provide the most amazing thing I think, which is hope.

Frank:                           03:53                I'm not going to insult you by making you listen to me talk about my slides, but that's the agenda. Okay. And we might, there might be some other arrows that come off. All right. We do have a tendency to kind of go, so I got 98 slides to go over. We got roughly, I think Russell gave me two hours. Did you? Not. So I'm just kidding. But let's sit back and let's seriously enjoy this. Okay, so let me tell you a little bit about my, okay. I promise that that to me, I didn't Photoshop any of these folks. This is sort of where I was and where I'm at now. I'm a veteran of the United States army.

Frank:                           04:32                I would like to thank

Frank:                           04:35                veterans of the United States military. I am service disabled and I was medically retired back in 2013 but I didn't say all that because I wanted you to just know who I am. I want to know. I want you to know my journey. Okay? So let's talk about my journey. So I joined because of nine 11 still good speed. I don't know why. All right. Anyway, so I joined the nine 11 during my first tour Operation Iraqi Freedom. That's when I met my wonderful wife. Jackie.

Frank:                           05:06                Does this plan, I'm trying not to be this raw and real. I'm trying to keep my demeanor. All right. All right, stop. Okay, so we've got online when meeting online wasn't cool. I'm a any. All right. I believe in some certain check marks to, to talk about your demographic data, if you will. So I'm a Xennial. Oh, I'm the person that grew up with a tape recorder and a track and then I started with AOL instant messenger. So I'm that person. Right. But we met actually through a dating scene online or a dating site online where she was on a Christian dating site. I was on a military singles dance site and we just hit it off. She winked at me and the rest of this, as you say, is history. We ended up emailing back and forth and it was just, we knew it was love at first click or whatever they call it.

Frank:                           05:59                So I come back to the United States and I just wasn't the set. All right. There was a lot of stuff that happened to me while I was deployed. Okay. Post traumatic stress is a real thing. It makes people difference and you don't have to be in the military folks to have post traumatic stress. Okay. I don't want the posttraumatic stress to ever be something that's kind noted only with the military. You can like drive by a very horrific accident and that could cause post traumatic stress and you will be offended. You can have a very close relative or friend of yours commit suicide and you will have posttraumatic stress symptoms possible. So don't ever think that post traumatic stress. If you suffered a traumatic event in your life, you're not alone. We've all been there. We're all there with you, but let's fast forward. Jackie and I have decided to eat right, get the movement, get the toxins out of our life to include social meeting.

Frank:                           07:01                We decided to get these things out of our lives so we can start filling it with those things that we knew that we're going to be better for our overall bumps. I stand to you as a veteran who has services abled. I have bad names, a bad bag, post traumatic stress disorder, carpal tunnel syndrome on both hands. I'm a rack, but I stand here today because I've unlocked the key, the natural solutions. I don't need opioids. I don't need psycho the medications. I'm not saying that those aren't necessary. What I am saying though is that you have hope. If you feel that you need to go see a healthcare provider because you might need to be on medication short term, do it. Okay. But the fact of the matter is is what are the other choices that you're making instead of being in this stereotypical American mindset, while actually it's a more of a world mindset now of believing that there was a magic bullet.

Frank:                           07:58                Like I have to take my medication. Right? Let's go ahead and now rewind to the 18 hundreds did they have medications that they had? Herbs, right? Then possibly essential oils and things of that nature. Okay. It can happen and I promise it will happen. So here's my side on both men and women's health concerns. I'll just let you take a snapshot of that real quick. But these are the things that you want to address when you do these wellness councils. Okay? And here's the best part. There is not a person in this room that either hasn't been affected by these themselves or know somebody who happens, okay? So the best part about it is is that like I'll do a wellness council and be like, Hey Joe, you know, what are some of the things that you know you, you'd like some help with? And I'd be like, ah, I'm doing, I'll be like, no, really.

Frank:                           08:49                I mean like seriously, like what's going on while I'm doing okay. How do you sleep? There's number one. Do you have seasonal threats? That's too, right? People are going to have these very common maladies and you're going to be able to actually reach out to them as well. Cause ain't nobody perfect. All right. If you can find that person that if you can find the perfect person, please introduce them to me. Okay. Because I would like to know who they are because none of us perfect. Those are the men's and then these are the women's. As you can see. I'll just kind of quickly flip. I promise I'll come back, but I'll quickly flip that. You can see that there is a lot of common ground. The same things in effect. Ladies, same things that affect men, right? Men definitely abused alcohol more. Okay. And men have a lot more accidents, which you actually, I don't know why it's not on that slide, but men have more accidents and I don't mean vehicle accidents. I mean like carpentry related accidents or I'm a mechanic and I had an accident. Okay. Those are the types of things. All right? Whereas women, you can see it's a lot more in terms of heart and hormone health. Okay.

Frank:                           10:00                So what we did was we said, you know what, let's go ahead and put this on to our team and let's see what we can do in terms of the type of data that we can find out about our folks on our team and how can we actually help them. Okay. So we did the daily challenge. All right? Or excuse me, we did the 30 day challenge thinking we did this about a year or two ago. I think it's time for me to go ahead and do it again. But we did it for about 30 days and we wanted to see how they did. And as you can see, that was our recommendations for how to, how to participant. Okay. And here's just some of the results I asked about everything, but I'm only going to show you two results. So do you remember the daily habits kit?

Frank:                           10:36                This is a great thing to get people started. Well, by the way, huge, awesome, very better odd of value on those. Okay. It has a lot of the things that Julie just humped up. Okay. And if that's correct me if I'm wrong, is this still available because I'm not nearly as savvy with the shovels. My wife is. Okay, so it's still there. Good. But if you don't have that, then what you can do is you can start off with this and then tailor make it as you go. But this should probably be the baseline of what you consider to recommend for a lot of folks in that they can't do it. Start him on the Lov startup on the terrorism in our domain. Get that good health going and then you know, fine tune it from there because you shouldn't be just doing one wellness consult.

Frank:                           11:15                By the way, there should be like a follow up sort of saying, all right, people took years to get themselves unhealthy. Your one hour wellness console does not going to make them helpful. You got to see him more often than than that. So here's some of the data. I just did these things called like or and scandals, which is like, you know, on a scale of one to 10 we've all filled them out. One is that I don't agree with it at all tables that I completely agree with it, right? So this is the before and after of managing stress effectively. Just daily habits, folks, just daily habits. I talked to a lot of other health care providers and I've talked to a lot of wellness folks on the Internet. I'm really good friends with a lot of them. Do you know that essential oils can be the gateway drug, if you will, to better health?

Frank:                           12:05                All of you sitting in here, and I'm not calling it a drug, by all means, I'm not saying the central wells with drugs. Okay? But what I am saying is that when we think of a great way drug, we think of something that gets us into other, you know, illicit materials. A few, right? But essentially what it was gonna be like, I want to get them more healthy. I should start eating better. I should start working out. I should probably stop drinking from plastic bottles. Okay. These are, it's the good plastic bottles as well. Maybe talk about that here in a second. But anyway, that's what I mean is that like you start seeing them change and the best, most beautiful part of that whole thing is you're there to win a front row seat and you get to see it. You can see people get healthier in front of him.

Frank:                           12:50                Okay? This is how asleep. So across the board before and then afterwards you can see that everybody was very much sleeping back. Sleeve should not of age, never shouldn't. You should not have sleep problems, guys and gals. You should not have sleep problems. You have things that are interfering with your sleep. And if you can find those things and eradicate them, you will get better sleep, okay? Obviously this should not be at all weird to anybody, right? But you've seen the multicolor pyramid. All right? This is the first thing you should have during your wellness consult. This is the only thing that you should probably have during your wellness council. Why? Because when all else fails, you go right back to the beautiful diarrhea from that dash line or from that solid line right there. Those are choices we make every single day above that solid line.

Frank:                           13:43                That's when you go see a healthcare provider. Because I still am a firm believer in labs. I'm still a firm believer in imaging studies when necessary and these are the things that can help guide your conversations about what have I been choosing to do daily and actually how is it making me more healthy. So by all means, go see your healthcare provider at least once a year at least. Cause you need labs. You need to know are all the things that I'm doing. How am I looking? Okay, focus on lifestyle modification and yes, you really are. What you eat. And now, because I'm a farmer, I'd taken that one step further. Now you are what you eat and what it needs. Okay. If you learn nothing else from my entire conversation, just stopped smoking, please. Okay. Probably the best posts. Sip a smoking cessation class I ever went to was going to PA school.

Frank:                           14:39                All right. I saw what happens to people who smoke chronically and let me speak. Let me speak about smoking and, and this epidemic that we have. What's going on? I apologize. Like I said, I'll go on a small tangent every once in a while, but I promise I'll circle back around. But are you doing back there? Camera man? Am My okay about the word of this carpet area? So, uh, the surgeon general in the 2017 actually came and made a public statement and that public statement was that isolation, right? The lack of community is causing more health concerns and our populations now than it ever has. And she likened it to say that the isolation, depression, anxiety, all these different things that people feel are actually similar to smoking 15 cigarettes a day. That's what it's doing to our bodies. These cell phones that you're holding, recording me and stuff like that.

Frank:                           15:35                That's not where your friends are. Your friends are in this room, your friends or in your communities, your friends or in your neighborhoods. I say we go ahead and keep the technology but dial our brains back to the 1990s and let's reconnect with one because the problem that is the issue of you can sit there and I can give you all the diagnoses that this brain possibly understands in the medical textbooks and everything is interwoven with this feeling of isolation. Loneliness, 18 to 22 year olds are the most lonely of our population these days. I kid you not did you know one out of every two Americans reports that the airline, that's 50% that's me taking these tables and going that way. All of these folks are, they're all alone lane. You guys are all not. That said, okay, we need to change this. Learn how to get aid grade hours of sleep and yes you can exercise to stinking much.

Frank:                           16:41                All right. I'm a definitely an example of that with how much I did it in the military for foundations. Take a snapshot of this because this is what you do every single time. You have a one that's constantly go back to this and know. In medicine we talk about the abcs, airway, breathing, circulation. Well, whenever you have a traumatic patient come in, you're always supposed to go back to the ABC's. If you can remember nothing else, just go back. Are they breathing? Is the airway open, is their heartbeat. So this is exactly what you do. You just have this way with you and you just say, am I, have I talked about nutrition? You know, you're not a dietician. Let's give that credit to Dietitians, but what you can do is you absolutely can talk to them about good, healthy food choices. Okay? You can talk to them about getting out and exercising and just like Julie said, I'd feel to say, what about exercise? Go for a hike. Go biking and play with your children, moves in your house vigorously for 20 minutes. Not only will it make it feel better and not done some cobwebs with Mike and some cobwebs out of here too. Okay. Just move.

Frank:                           17:40                So I'm glad you take a picture of that. I'll just talk the highlights. Okay. There was an end Hain study, if you're not familiar with the, I'm going to say, oh, food and drug administration, they come out with data about every so often. So this is the most recent data from the best of my Google searching is that from 2007 2010 what they found out is that three out of four in the population having diet, low and vegetables, fruits, daring and oils. Now we can sit here and we could make the argument about dairy. That's a whole nother topic, but seriously, fruits of veggies, fruits of vegetables. All right, 75% of people don't really eat those every single day. The next thing is that they eat their grains and proteins like, right? Of course, we eat grains, proteins. That's what we did. You know, it's a whole steak and potato mentality that we have here in America, but they're not making the subgroup comment or there, excuse me, then I'm making the subgroup meetings.

Frank:                           18:32                Okay. And then that shouldn't surprise you. Number three is that we're eating a lot more sugar, a lot more saturated fats, a lot more Sony. So the critical starting point is you are what you eat. Do nothing else during your wildly Scott. So I'll just ask him how to do. I just ask him how they eat during the week. How often do you eat out when you eat out? What do you eat? Because eating out's combat. I mean like I follow a ketogenic protocol, but I can eat out just fine, you know? So talk to them about the foods that they consume. Ask where they get them from. There's this concept around now called beyond organic. Okay, if you can't afford organic food, I get it. That's a crazy market. That's a whole nother conversation for a whole different crop. But the thing is though is that I bet you there's local farmers.

Frank:                           19:18                Then you can go talk to ask him how they do their stuff on their farms. Support local and regional food and it gets the food that you deserve. We did not need to have deserts and swamps anymore food. Okay, let's clean this up and it starts with your food dollar. That's a conversation I have for farmer veterans. That's a whole nother thing. Bottom line, get move in. This is foundational movement number, excuse me, foundation. Do Super Simple and American heart association came out with a pretty cool new infographic. All right? It's called moving around one 15 or plus. If you do moderate intensity, it's one 50 hill during the week. Break it on most days of the week and then 75 of like a higher like take like hit training, right? Do it for 75 minutes throughout the week. All right? We know sleep. That builds community. It's a great way to meet people.

Frank:                           20:05                All right? Go night. The YFCA would not be the YMCAS and if it didn't have the community associated with people working out the me, go join yoga classes, go and join things, right? Get to know people. Number three. I don't know why I did that. Sorry, that shouldn't say manage stress, but healthy rx. Susan National Sleep Foundation said, what is, it's a morbid subject. What? We're supposed to sleep a third of the time of our life. Okay. Not Getting enough of a restorative sleep. That's not normal. Social media, your phones, get them out of your stake in bedroom. Put them to sleep before you go to sleep. Put the do not disturb on, ain't nobody need to talk to and no, eight o'clock at night about something that can't wait until eight o'clock the next morning. We'll do this at the end. Okay. Just remind me. We'll circle back and do this in the end. Number four. All right. Just take a picture of that. All right. I don't really want to get into that, but now we're going from, I do want to highlight a food is that we are now looking at ultra processed foods, not just processed foods anymore. This is like a superhero for, this is like the food that kind of sort. It used to be a food, but it's really not food anymore at all. Okay.

Frank:                           21:15                All right.

Frank:                           21:18                Take a picture. The reason why I said it is because unfortunately my time is growing short, but the reason why the harvest, just to catch your attention by cholesterol levels can be managed well in the normal limits. If you're using cinnamon and lemongrass. I promised the pencil study that's out there, a journal and pharmacy and pharmacology actually stated that Lidl just like Julie talked about actually have support relaxation. Okay. And circulation can also do the sec stop smoking. That's it. That's journal and medical. Everything. Okay. Everything knows my breathe essential oil blend and everybody knows about cardamom. Okay. This is not necessarily to hurt your feelings. Okay. One last thing cause I just been holding onto it the whole time. This has been a lifesaver for me. This is my warrior blend. I don't go anywhere with that and it's like my new American Express card. Okay. What it is, 10 drops, serenity, five drafts of Ventnor, 10 drops of balance, usually in a five or a 10 milliliter. Topped off the fractionated coconut oil. Put It on my pause points, put it on my forehead. And when I got a goatee mustache, you a future.

Frank:                           22:20                All right, so it's more your plan. We can get into emotional aroma therapy. I think all you folks understand the limbic system is a powerful thing and then we can control our emotions. So start there. If people need help with mental health, we got to talk about this more folks. This isolation problems got a quarter. I leave you. If you keep reading, it says there is no exercise better for the heart and reaching down and lifting people. That's all of you guys out here. Thank you so much. I really appreciate it.

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